Smart LBS (Location Based Service)

YRP Ubiquitous Networking Laboratory (UNL for short) develops the application framework that integrates various technologies for location identification. Development is focused on the basic technologies of the IoT such as integrated location management system by uID architecture and the technology to deliver information according to context such as the interest and current location of users.


YRP UNL has developed kokosil, a system that can offer guidance inside gardens, parks, museums, etc. and can provide information on towns. kokosil was developed based on the systems used for Hama-rikyū Gardens and Ueno Zoological Gardens, and has been used in Ginza, Nasushiobara, Komae, etc.

Enableware - Support for Physically-challenged People

Enableware is a term coined about 30 years ago by TRON Project to refer to ICT technology (software and hardware) that enables people to perform actions. YRP UNL performs research and development on mobility support systems for physically-challenged people. Its contributions include the mobility assistance for physically-challenged people by developing a navigation system using white cane with built-in RFID reader and barrier-free navigation systems for wheelchair users.