Open Data Solution

The notion of open data refers to the public data infrastructure where API (Application Programming Interface), etc. are published to access highly public data so that such data can be used from the systems of other organizations via network. YRP Ubiquitous Networking Laboratory (UNL for short) performs research and development on the system to provide public data from the national and local governments as open data.

Public Transportation Open Data

YRP UNL performs research and development on Open Data Platform for static and dynamic data related to public transportation. It has established Study Group of Open Data for Public Transportation, and has been conducting research on providing such public data together with public transportation operators.

Open Data Platform

YRP UNL has been developing the platform to build systems that can work with the standard catalogue site of open data. Solutions for providing data as open data by local government such as YOKOSUKA OpenData, the open data catalogue site in Yokosuka are now provided. YRP UNL offers consultation on Open Data.