Emergency Medical Service Support System

Medical care professional always race against time in emergency medical practice. YRP UNL has been developing Emergency Medical Service Support System which transmits the real-time location information of ambulances and images of patients to emergency hospitals via the tablet devices and IP cameras placed in ambulances. With this system, emergency wards of hospitals can learn about the conditions of the patients in advance and get ready to receive them smoothly.

Triage Support System

Triage Support System shares the triage levels of injured and sick people in real time and supports the smooth emergency rescue and medical care on site with active RFID tags that use Bluetooth Low Energy.

Active RFID Triage Tag

Active RFID triage tags attached to injured and sick people allow medical care staff to learn the real–time state of the rescue site by constantly transmitting the triage levels of the patients by radio wave. The information is consolidated to give an overview of the rescue site.

Information Sharing in Emergency Medical Practice

Emergency medical service is made possible by people of rescue teams on ambulances, at hospitals, and at dispatching headquarters, and by having them work together. Information sharing among them is very important to provide smooth emergency medical care. UNL develops the system to collect the information from emergency hospitals and ambulances and share it among them and headquarters.