Ubiquitous ID

YRP UNL performs research and development on ubiquitous ID technology which is the infrastructure technology supporting the age of ubiquitous computing, or the Internet of Things (IoT). Its many standardization activities such as international standardization of ucode at ITU-T and obtaining URN (Uniform Resource Name) of ucode have contributed to establish the infrastructure technology. YRP UNL offers consultation on the use of uID Technology.

u2 (uID Architecture 2.0)

UNL promotes the research and development of u2, the next generation architecture of ubiquitous ID. u2 enables integrated cross-domain query for large amount of data in various formats collected in the network. u2 promotes mashup with various services, data linkage across organizations and easy use from mobile apps.

Location Sensing Technology

UNL performs research and development on many location identification technologies, one of the important technologies to realize context awareness. The efforts so far have included high accuracy location identification using UWB (Ultra Wide Band), location identification technology with Bluetooth Low Energy, Wi-Fi positioning technology and others.